Ok to drink 10 hours after tylenol 3

  • How much tylenol is ok for a 2 month old.

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Can you take a pain killer called tylenol.

28.09.2011  Best Answer: You should be able to do it. Tylenol’s website says that you can take up to 8 Tylenol Extra Strength/day (4000mg) and Excedrin Migraine
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10.11.2007  Best Answer: none Only fill it to the first line on the tylenol dropper that comes in the tylenol bottle. Make sure you don’t give your baby too much
18.04.2008  Best Answer: I wouldn’t risk it! Please make these idiots stop answering questions!!! acetaminophen when mixed with alcohol is EXTRAORDINARILY

Will drinking a “five-hour energy drink”.
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Ok to drink 10 hours after tylenol 3

How long after taking aspirin/paracetamol.
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22.03.2012  Best Answer: I’m not aware of any problems with aspirin and alcohol except that aspirin tends to cause the stomach to become inflamed and sometimes

Can Excedrin Migraine be taken 5 hours.

Ok to drink 10 hours after tylenol 3

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